Burn Injuries

According to the American Burn Association, more than 1,000,000 people are burned in the United States each year. Which works out to someone sustaining burn injuries every 23 minutes. Burns are also responsible for approximately 4,000 deaths each year, with 75% of those happening at the scene of the incident. At Morgan Litigation Group, our South Carolina burn injury lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help with your case.

Burns are complicated and painful injuries that have various causes, and long lasting impact. In addition to the physical injuries to a patient’s skin, nerves, and muscles, there are also emotional/psychological effects caused by the accident. Unfortunately, more often than not, burn victims are left with bodies that are permanently scarred and disfigured, which provides them with a constant reminder of the incident and a recurrent trigger of traumatic memories. As such, long-term treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and other phycological issues are common for burn victims.

Additionally, the scars that burn victims develop can cause a multitude of physical symptoms and limitations, skin tightness, extreme itching and skin sensitivity, inability to regulate body temperature, and limited ability to be outdoors. As a result, burn victims are constantly subjected to an uncomfortable sensation at the burned areas of their bodies, and become extremely sensitive to sunlight and temperature changes. Sadly, children who sustain 2nd or 3rd degree burn injuries often require additional surgeries during growth and development years when scarring does not keep pace with the child’s growth.

Our South Carolina burn injury attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in burn injury cases involving numerous types of injuries, including chemical, thermal and electrical burns. These cases have included burn injuries or deaths caused by:

  • House fires due to faulty wiring
  • Explosions caused by propane and natural gas leaks
  • Electrocution and electrical shock injuries
  • Post-collision vehicle fires
  • Scald burns due to improperly set water heaters
  • Flash-back incidents caused by defective charcoal and propane grills
  • Gas can explosions
  • Fires caused by defective space heaters
  • Inadequate warnings provided with a hair bond removal product
  • Stove tip-overs in rental properties where landlord failed to install required anti-tip brackets
  • Defective fireworks
  • Industrial incidents at pulp and paper mills involving defective machinery
  • Electric fryers and skillets with defective power cords that fail to detach before the appliance can be pulled off of a counter by children
  • And many other causes.

Burn injury cases are complex and often require the use of experts in the fields of engineering (fire, chemical, mechanical, or electrical), accident reconstruction, and other specialties to determine the cause of the incident. Additionally, burn surgeons, vocational experts, life care planners, and economists are also required to provide expert opinions regarding anticipated future medical care and related expenses, as well as lost earnings and earning capacity.

The experienced and knowledgeable South Carolina burn injury attorneys at Morgan Litigation Group will consult with a network of top fire investigators, engineering specialists and medical experts to determine the cause of your incident, the extent of your burn injuries and the identity of any and all parties who may be legally responsible for your injuries and damages. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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